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The aim of IZIBoat© is to make sailing readily accessible to all. IZIBOAT© is designed for anyone with an interest in sailing, be it first timers who love the idea of sailing but imagine it too difficult or late to learn, those rediscovering an old hobby, or experienced sailors who wish to practice their sport on a daily basis in a less cumbersome fashion .IZIBoat© can be enjoyed alone, as a couple or with friends and family, in groups up to five poeple . It is suitable for use on calm waters or in surf. It is IZIBoat's© dynamism and adaptability which makes it possible to be enjoyed by those of all ages and capabilites in the utmost security .

IZIBoat© has been put through a rigorous testing process over 2000 hours, and in various conditions such as; wind speeds of 0-30 knots, 1 metre waves, 2 metre swell and in breaking surf. Launches into water have also been conducted from paved slips, sandy, stoney and seaweed-covered beaches, in low-tide and shallow waters, in back-wash and shore-break, over 40cm reefs.

Our hulls are protected with a corundum heel, guaranteeing maximum solidity and abrasion resistance. Measuring 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness (diamond meaures 10) this corundum layer ensures resistance against the harshest of weather conditions. We are constantly striving to innovate, researching the most lightweight materiels while conserving durability.

All joints /fixing points and the hull interiors are specially reinforced to ensure security and reliability.

IZIBoat© is made using a variety of materiels which have been specifically sourced to match our essential criteria ; lightweight, solid, durable and easy to maintain and repair.

Hulls : The fibreglass and polyester resin composite ensures sound mechanical and structural integrity and durabilility, while keeping weight down. We are currently researching an eventual evoloution towards « cleaner » materials, such as linen fibre and organic resin, and to give our materials a second life through a recycling program.

Chassis : Aluminium paint, renowned for its lightweight, long-lasting and mechanically resistant properties is used, giving a stunning and easy to maintain finish.

Sails : 240 denier polyester, (the light sail (jib) uses 180 denier) to maximise resistance and longevity.

Hammock : Batyline makes for a light but extremely durable and water resistant hammock, providing maximum comfort and security. A version using natural linen fibre and organically sourced resin is currently being researched.

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Your IZIBoat© is meticulously divided into 5 packages, ready to be easily assembled so you can start sailing !

Packages 1 and 2 : Two fully equipped hulls, ready to be fitted to the chassis.

Package 3 : The fully equipped chassis, which is mounted on the hulls.

Package 4 : The rudder system ready to be fitted onto the hulls. Also includes any supplementary equipment ordered and instruction manual.

Package 5 : The sails are wrapped around the mast, ready to be hoisted on the front beam of the chassis.

Your IZIBoat© can be delivered to the address of your choice. The exact delivery date will be provided within 10 days of you placing your order.
Your IZIBoat© is under guarantee for 1 year following purchase, providing correct use and guidelines have been adhered to.
Your IZIBoat© is designed to ensure minimum maintenance is required and is supported by our excellent After Sale Service.
For any queries please contact us at +33(0)5 46 01 65 18 or at contact@iziboat.com and we will be happy to respond.

All individual parts of the IZIBoat© are available for purchase through our website.

You can contact us on contact@iziboat.com

You can repair your IZIBoat© by using our repair kit or by replacing an individual part. These can be ordered by contacting us at contact@iziboat.com .
If you require the help of a professional we invite you to send us information including a description and photos of the problem, and we will find the nearest suitable professional in your area.

The IZIBoat© does not require regular cleaning. We do recommend that you simply rinse the IZIBoat© with fresh water and let it dry before long term storage.

Folded, the IZIBoat© is the width of a bike and the length of a car. This enables easy storage in a garage, courtyard, parking spot or any free space of 5m by 0.8m.(See on website)

IZIBoat© can be transported by folding and placing on a trailer or roof-rack, by hitching to a jet-ski, or towed by bike. (See on website)

Assembling your IZIBoat©, using a simple fitting system without the need for tools or screws, takes two people about 15 minutes.
A code will be sent to you upon delivery to access the video tutorial on our website.
The first assembly can take up to two hours with each subsequent assembly becoming easier, until it takes just 15 minutes to put together. (The record belongs to IZIBoats creator, just 8 minutes and 42 seconds!)

Yes ! IZIBoat© is designed to allow it to be enjoyed as a soloist, assembly by one person takes about 25 minutes.

The sails are opened and folded by rolling using a sliding boom and rotating jib. This technology allows for instantaneous adaptation to weather conditions. see photo

The entire hull bottom is covered with a protective corundum coating. The IZIBoat© can be pulled several meters without damaging it. Corundum lasts many years on sand but has a shorter lifespan on cobblestones or slips. The corundum gel coat is available to order, and can be applied by paint roller as often as you wish.

The IZIBoat© is launched using its wheels which are fixed to the hulls. These are then simply removed once in water and stored behind the seat.(See on website)

IZIBoat© boasts an innovative hydrodynamism and aerodynamism, offering exceptional stability, and enabling users to steer and control the sailboat, comfortably and intuitively while remained sitting, as in a car. The ergonomic forward-facing cockpit, adapts to all user sizes, its large surface area allows plenty of room to relax! All the controls are at hand and can be manipulated from the sitting position without changing sides.

IZIBoat© can accommodate an average of 4 people, or a maximum weight capacity of 240kg . Example ;4 adults, 2 adults and 3 children, 6 children.. etc.

IZIBoat© is steered intuitively using a joystick. To turn left, you simply tilt the joystick to the left, to go right you tilt to the right !

Having reached 14 knots on a speedometer, its up to you now to discover your IZIBoats© potential! What is certain is the exhilaration you will experience thanks to its unique hydrodynamic properties...gliding through the surf, facing the open seas, joystick in hand; this is the IZIBoat© experience.

It is IZIBoat´s simplicity which renders it accessible to anyone. Children adore IZIBoat and can easily manage its manipulation, however we recommend they do so in small groups (2 minimum), and always under adult supervision. It may be small but IZIBoat© remains a powerful sailing vessel and like all nautical activities should be treated with due caution and respect.

It is a matter of pride for us at IZIBoat© that it is designed for users of varying physical capabilities. A person who no longer has the use of his/her lower body, but with upper body movement intact, can navigate the IZIBoat©. Steering is done with one hand, control of the sails with the other. All this can be done seated and without changing position.

Our philosophy at IZIBoat© is to make the joy of sailing accessible to all!
Intuitive and uncomplicated, it consists of learning through play.
In the utmost security you can make all the mistakes you want, with little risk of capsize.
Turn left, right, speed up and slow down, it will quickly become apparent how to exploit wind direction.
A code will be sent to you upon delivery to access the video tutorial on our website. It will provide ample explanation before a first outing.
This is an extremely rare event. Out of 1200 people who tested the IZIBoat, only 2 experienced capsizing which occurred while being tested outside of IZIBoats© recommended scope of use.

In the rare event of capsizing, the boat can be righted easily using the capsize handle.

Oars can be brought onboard and kept neatly in the storage net behind the seat. You also have the option of mounting an electric motor to the rudder of your IZIBoat.(See on website)

Let the rudders drag on the sand and move away from the shore. 40 cm of water is sufficient to launch IZIBoat©, le rudders will set themselves in place naturally when there is sufficient depth.

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